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Music in the ESL Classroom


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Presented in Alphabetical Order of the Book Titles/Web Sites


Folk Songs of the World, Edited by Charles Heywood, New York: Amsco, 1966; 320 pages of songs from all lands. Included is commentary about each country and its music. Indexes are alphabetical, by country, and by first lines of songs
Homeschool Portal: Large database of Christian Songs and other great music for infants on up
Music Education Madness: HUGE database of links...from choral to instrumental
Sing and Shine On!: The Teacher's Guide to Multicultural Song Leading, Nick Page, Portsmouth, N.H.: Heinemann, 1995; An exciting book covering the what, how, and why of multicultural song leading in the classroom. Includes cultural considerations, explanation of technique, and value of music in education and life beyond.
Tom Glazer's Treasury of Songs for Children, Compiled by Tom Glazer, New York: Grosset & Dunlap, 1964--253 pages of easy-to-sing American folk songs
Travel the Globe, Desiree Webber, Dee Ann Corn et all, Englewood, Colorado: Libaries Unlimited, 1998; 245 pages organized by country; each chapter is in similar format for ease of use: stories, songs, books, fingerplays, flannelboards, crafts, and action rhymes. A must for any ESL classroom!



The New Grove Dictionary of Music & Musicians, Stanley Sadie, Editor; Washington, DC: Grove, 1980. This 20 volume set is an examination and bibliography covering the music from thousands of cultures. Included is the history and tradition of the songs and stories from these cultures.



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