The ceremony was a quiet one around eight in the evening, taking place at the home of Rita and Charley Huff, Jeff's mom and stepdad, in Muskogee, Oklahoma. The only other attendees were the Huffs' close friends who served as witnesses and Mom's pet bunny, Gibby (who by the way did not especially appreciate the privilege of being there).

  • Charley Huff, an ordained minister of the Church of Christ, officiated.
  • Charley gave a beautiful sermon that he had written specially for the occasion.

  • Charley asks, Jeff Kilpatrick III, do you take this woman for your wife?
  • I, Jeff, take thee, Elizabeth Ann Walls.
  • Our lives are one...
  • This is MY wife!

  • And now for the cake!
  • We're a coupla real cutups!

  • And herrrrrrre we are! Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Kilpatrick!...with the Huffs.
  • READY to leave on our honeymoon!

    Only one thing was wrong with this wedding...YOU weren't there! But ACTUALLY you were our hearts if not in the flesh....

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