So Herrrrrrrrrrre's LIZ! :)

WELLLLLL, I was born and raised in Eastern Iowa  and transplanted to   Nebraska for college.... And except for some brief jaunts out to teach school in , Santa Fe/A>, and some small towns in Eastern Montana and Western North Dakota (FIND URLS FOR THOSE!~!), I have remained here. I am an interesting combination...being left-handed, adopted,(FIND URLS FOR ADOPTON?) and an only child to boot!

My mom passed away November 30, 1990 and my dad November 26, 1997. So it's just me holding down the family tree now. I do have quite a number of brothers and sisters and other kinfolk from my birth family that I hope to get to know better as time passes.

I received my Bachelor's Degrees in Elementary Education and Journalism from Union College. In December 1998 I completed requirements for my master's degree in Human Development and the Family from The University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I an currently working on my Nebraska Teaching Endorsement for ESL (English as a Second Language). Someday I want to write books and articles,possibly teach at the jr. college level, and/or conduct seminars on child rearing and development at churches, schools, and civic groups.

Currently I volunteer at the  Hospital ER. I also work with  CASA   as an advocate in Juvenile Court for abused and neglected kid, and tutor Adult Students in Basic Literacy Skills for Lincoln Literacy Council. A recent interest is Ham Radio; I have passed my Tech and General call is KC0JCU. As a ham I am involved in some service projects including assistance with fund-raiser events such as Crop Walk&nbps;, entertainments like Nebraska State Fair  and Skywarn   storm spotting.

My biggest love is the computer to which I am a complete and total addict. I spend hours on the MOO's with my friends and on the mailing lists. I have put together several web pages including a very comprehensive one about parenting which I hope to use in my own work and to help those who are involved in raising children.

My Significant Other is Jeff Kilpatrick III who was born and raised in   The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission in the data entry area with plans for a career in statistics, actuarial or "number crunching" work. That job ended so he is seeking other employment in data entry field. Trivia, sports teams (GO BIG RED!!, music, traveling, and researching his Irish  ancestry and culture are big interests of his. Since my parents are gone his mom and his dad have welcomed me graciously into their families. His mom is particularly thrilled to have a daughter after having all brothers and three sons. A big Kilpatrick family event is the wedding of Jeff's youngest brother, October 5, 2002, to his love Anastasia.(See photos on my Picture Page)

I would someday like to travel the country giving seminars, get my certification to be a massage therapist, run a bed & breakfast home which I have bought and fixed up myself, learn to skydive, and go overseas to teach English as a second language among other things, and get my PhD in ESL...prolly won't accomplish many of those things... but I wish...

So HERE...** I AM :) To contact me here's my EMAIL ADDRESS!

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