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  • My Dad and I: at his 90th birthday shindig!
    He lived for nearly two years after that and always enjoyed his life to the fullest!
  • My Mama Studying her Bible: A regular past time 

  • My birthmom, Marcella and my sister Madonna
  • Two of my 11 birthsiblings & their Hubbies:Jim & Ruthann, Madonna & Kennard
  • Madonna and Kennard in Hawaii.


  • JEFF's HUGE PIC PAGE--Many, many pictures of his family!!! Check it out!!

  • Jeff and his  mom: loving moments...
  • Mom, with her Kids :)
  • Mom and her ex-bunny, Trevor

  • Mom and her husband, Johnny 
  • Grandma F. at Anastasia and Taylor's Wedding:  Fall 2002 

  • Dad K at his insurance office 
  • Dad engaging in a favorite pasttime, reading
  • Dad, his then-GF, now wife, Nina, and Us: Fall 2002  

  • The three bros: in younger days
  • The gang: Me and the guys-1997
  • Andrew & Taylor
  • Dad K, Andrew, Jeff, & Taylor
  • "The Men": At Anastasia & Taylor's Wedding 
  • Jeff w/Sara,Andrew;Anastasia,Taylor
  • VW Gang: Greg(T's Friend), Taylor, me, & Jeff

  • Anastasia and Taylor
  • Taylor & Anastasia--Lincoln, October,2001

  • Behind Ev'ry Good Man:Andrew with Sara/His Master's Graduation

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    Last update:May 20, 2003