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  • Patty:My best female friend of 39 years!!
  • Patty and her husband Tim:Married in 2004
  • My hubby, Jeff, & Patty State Capitol, Des Moines(2001)
  • An "adoptive" mother after my Mama's death:Patty's mother, Donna B 
  • Jeff and Patty in Chicago, 1998?
  • Patty Age 19
  • My Adopted Brother Tim: Patty's brother


  • Mikey:My best male friend
    w/my doggy Alfred 12/06


  • Jenny a special friend
  • Janet,Cheryl, me, and Elizabeth
    Nebraska;Women's Retereat-October, 2001
  • Rich: Artist, warm and caring friend
    Cheryl & Allen: & Grandma Bernie
  • Elizabeth & Steve: Our close friends
  • Char:Yet another 'Sis''s Glamour shot"
  • Al Our Adopted Brother!
  • Happy RickA close friend of many years

  • KathyAnn:Friend 36 years..died 1/25/2000 of Cancer
  • Kim: KA's daughter--with sisters Kory, Kelly, Kia, and Kandance
  • Travis:Jeff's "brother"

    ***Special mention: to my late friend, Les.
    This great man bravely lived with a great deal of pain .
    He is at rest now but he will always
    hold a special place in my heart..
    Les, thanks for Jimmy Buffet
    Tropical Birds like your Tasia,
    and the other things with which you enriched my life.

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    Last update: December 11, 2007