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ADD (or Attention Deficit Disorder) is NOT, as is commonly supposed, a phenomenon just for kids. It is something a person is born with and may be undiagnosed for years for a variety of reasons. But it is still there and can, untreated, be a source of stress and aggravation to the person who has it and his/her family. With proper intervention the person with ADD, who usually has great creativity and sensitivity, can be an asset to the world around him.

Why am I so concerned about ADD and deem it important enough to create a Web Page about it? Because I have it myself....only recently discovered it. I hope that this page will: 1/ Help my friends understand me better... 2/ Perhaps allow others to recognize undiagosed ADD in themselves or others so it can be treated.

Here is a list of links to various pages about is by no means complete but should provide a good starting place to develop an understanding of ADD....and show what it means to be ADD-ALIVE!!!

ADD Web Pages

  • ACN Online: ADD, LD, MORE
  • About ADD!
  • ADD Awareness...Great stuff!
  • ADD on AOL..very complete list of links on a wide variety of topics related to ADD
  • ADD Resource: TONS of info!
  • ADDvance Women's ADD page
  • ADHD & LD
  • ADHD of the Christian Kind
  • ADD/ADHD Links on Line  Many resources!
  • ADHD Spectrum: BIG comprehensive site
  • Attention Deficit Disorder: Good site from
  • Adults Seeking Knowledge: All about humor, kids
  • Brainplace: Images of the ADD Brain
  • CH.A.A.D Online
  • Christian Families with ADD
  • Dr.Paul Elliot's articles...a dr. with 20 years experience treating ADD in children and adults...and who also has ADD himself
  • HADD-It Humor
  • Internet Mental Health: Medications, Disorders, Discussion
  • Jeffrey's ADHD page:VERY VERY COMPLETE!!
  • LD Pride:A shared project featuring LD and ADD Links!
  • One ADD PLACE..a great resource area.
  • Rich's Site...Brainwiring Com:Alot of ADD stuff... books...more!
  • Shpunter's ADD Help Page
  • Useful Links and Resources


  • Child and Adolescent psychopharmacology
  • Medscape Drug Info
  • Nurses' PDR Resource Center
  • RxList--Internet Drug Index-good

    Children & ADD

  • About Learning Disabilities: including ADD
  • ADDGuide
  • ADHD News: GREAT resource for parents!
  • Brainwiring...Rich's Site INCLUDING..under labels link things about Early Childhood development & brain structure.
  • Education & ADD
  • LD Online: Great Site for Parents & Teachers
  • Learning Disabilities Resources
  • Learning Disabilities: Thorough Explanations
  • Magic Stream: Learning Disabilities
  • Pediatric Pointsof Interest! GREAT site!
  • Resources for Special Children: Wealth of Info
  • Teaching ADD Children: by a home-school mother
  • The Other Side of ADD:Teaching Discipline Effectively

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